Welcome to Flake News!

This is a tower defense game about extremists and media. A bunch of extremists are about to rush a peaceful demonstration in the city center. As the godfather of media, it's your job to convince them to not be as extreme anymore by strategically placing media guys on their way. The game was built during the Resist Jam 2017.

How to play: Left extremists are coming to town from the bottom left, right extremists - you guessed it - from the bottom right. Place your first towers by clicking the building grounds and choose the tower to build. Then, click "I'm ready".


  • For each convinced protester you'll get a small reward to reinvest into your tower setup
  • If a protester gets to the demonstration (top exit of the map), you'll lose one life (top right corner)
  • Click a tower to upgrade. There are towers that are more effective against a particular group
  • Hover a tower with your mouse in order to see its action radius
  • Click and hold right mouse button to scroll
  • Hover the little figures on the left side of the screen in order to get to know their properties


  • This game is still in development. There are no sound effects yadi yadi yada*.

*other things are odd as well. But you'll see that. Just ignore it, we're on it!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsLeFayGames, tbureck, Kattywampus, MollocH
Made withUnity
TagsTower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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The game is really good, showing a lot about how the right form of fake news can convince anyone, however my suggestions for balancing the game is for the towers to be buffed a little bit. Not too much, but just enough so during those LOTS of protestors moment, the player would have a little more advantage..... darn 20 hp goes down fast...

Nice game! Those extremists are relentless, I can only make it through a few waves. Also, I can't seem to upgrade "towers".

To be honest, I have the same problem. My teammates managed to win the game but so far I always lose during the last wave.

What happens if you try to upgrade the towers? Is it possible that you don't have enough money to upgrade? (The Paperboy upgrade currently shows the wrong value, it's actually $200)